Backup is one of the biggest areas of change in the past 10 years. Whilst the paperless office is very much a reality for many businesses, the flip side is that backup is now a core consideration, as without the information stored digitally, many businesses would simply fail to exist.

In addition to such risks as hardware failures, loss and damage, “Ransomware” is now a very real and damaging threat and most major antivirus vendors agree that the only effective defence against data loss is a solid backup schedule.

Designing your backup strategy is dependent upon how much lost work and productivity you can endure when some or all of your data becomes inaccessible for any number of reasons. It is a question of how quickly you can get your files back from your backup, and how long before everyone can get back to their usual work.

Most businesses would say that they cannot afford to lose any time or data – however, robust backup systems can often be overlooked in a busy work environment. At bear IT we can assist you not only with your initial planning and strategy, but in the ongoing management of the backups, ensuring that your business is safeguarded and ready for the unexpected.

How robust is your backup? Do you know how it works, what is actually being preserved, and how quickly you can restore from it?

Most businesses would say that they cannot afford to lose any time or data – however, a robust backup system is often an afterthought in a busy work environment. At bear IT we can assist with both the initial planning and strategy of your backup solution and with its ongoing maintenance, ensuring peace of mind for you and safety for your business-critical information.

A good backup system needs both the resilience to meet your storage needs, and the speed to ensure it can be accessed in an emergency, whilst remaining unobtrusive and having as low an impact as possible on your infrastructure. The traditional method of alternating physical media and storing safely still has its place, but risks such as forgetting to change a drive, theft, and natural disaster can be mitigated using offsite or clouded backup.

Every situation is different, which is why we always offer bespoke solutions to ensure you get what’s right for your business. Pick up the phone to have a chat with us about what we can offer.

How do you choose a backup solution

The offsite backup market is pretty crowded and because there are so many different solutions, you may be confused about which one is the best fit for your business. At bear IT we carefully choose partnerships with a small number of different suppliers. We will take the time to understand your requirements and your budget and make suggestions as to the most appropriate solutions for you.

Why you should consider offsite backup

There are many different scenarios which may lead to you needing to recover data from your backup. In a number of situations, it may not be easy or even possible to retrieve data from an external hard drive. Modern offsite backup solutions use ‘the cloud’ to securely store your data in a data centre, where fast retrieval is possible. Whether this may be one critical file you have lost or your entire system.

How offsite backups work

With all of your data stored offsite at a datacentre, it is possible to implement a full system retrieval within minutes. There are options to restore data back to your own hardware, or where that is not possible, you can run via the datacentre until your systems are back up and running.

Another option is a file based offsite backup, where you have the flexibility to retrieve selected files for restore.

Pick up the phone and have a chat with us about the offsite backup solutions we can offer.

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