Managed Services have been at the core of our support packages since 2008. We were early adopters of this technology within our marketplace and could see the future benefits in ensuring that both our Mac and PC clients were being proactively managed and monitored as opposed to the traditional break/fix model of IT support companies of the time.

So what is Managed Services…..

Computers aren’t just the digital typewriter in the corner of the room any more. They run complex operating systems which often start well, however with a little interaction from your favourite pieces of software, a little time, and a lack of maintenance, you will inevitably encounter the infamous “computer says no” scenario at some point.

Managed Services is a way for us to automatically maintain your machines, helping us to stop a possible problem before it becomes a serious issue, costing you time and money.

bear Managed Services will keep your servers, workstations, laptops and even remote systems optimised. To name just some of the functionality, it performs daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. It deploys updates with rollback capability, maintains your anti-virus solution, runs real-time monitoring of hardware, and provides asset inventories and scheduled reporting.

The Windows 10 deployment is a great example of where many people suddenly had to make an IT decision without fully understanding the possible consequences. Automatic updates can cause countless hours of downtime for a department reliant on a particular software package that isn’t compatible with a particular system upgrade. In answer to this, we proactively screen our updates to stop problematic updates being installed, saving you time and stress.

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