Having a backup of your data is vitally important, but data loss is not the only threat to your business. Prolonged loss of internet services or access to your business premises are uncommon, but do happen., and theft or damage to hardware unfortunately affects all of us at some time another.

A Disaster Recovery Plan should be a comprehensive document detailing the actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster. A thorough disaster recovery plan should cover a multitude of events from a partial loss of services to a full loss of business infrastructure.

Writing a plan is just the first step. Regular testing and revision of any Disaster Recovery Plan is vitally important to ensure that the plan is current and effective. Understanding the practicalities and timeframes for restoring business functionality will be an invaluable asset to your business should something happen.

In many cases, a Disaster Recovery Plan can’t be simulated effectively because of the impact this would have on the business, as well as the costs involved to achieve a worthwhile simulation. Through our partnerships we offer solutions which allow for very quick and low cost disaster simulations and testing.

bear IT can assist your business with the design of your Disaster Recovery Plan and in carrying out disaster recovery scenarios.

You may have a full DRP that you feel meets your Business Continuity requirements. You may have a plan that hasn’t been reviewed in a while or you may have no provision in place at all.

Whatever your needs may be, contact us for a chat about your requirements.

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