We work in partnership with industry leaders to support the latest broadband solutions and we are committed to providing connectivity that is tailored to the individual needs of your business as well as your budget. We can offer you speed, reliability and a proactive service approach from a dedicated team that is totally focused on your requirements.

Having a good broadband service isn’t just about how fast it goes, it’s about how it’s delivered and managed. With the best will in the world, no-one can guarantee that you will have 100% uptime on your broadband services, but bear IT can guarantee that our priority will be to provide a robust, reliable, and hassle free service and that we will handle any issues swiftly and effectively. We will be on hand with assistance and offer emergency solutions if necessary.

We understand how critical connectivity is to a business and our managed broadband services give you the confidence to get on with running your business, knowing that we are working for you.

Our broadband services include ADSL2, FTTC and leased lines from a range of different carriers.

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