Whether you are a business owner or one of our private clients, keeping your data safe should be at the top of your list of priorities. With the news this week that ECDIS (A piece of software used for ship navigation) can be easily exploited by something as simple as users forgetting to change the default username and password, we advise for everyone to take a moment to check that their systems are secure to avoid malicious users accessing and editing your data, as for one breach of a security system can leave your ship sailing in the wrong direction.

The ECDIS exploit was brought to the public’s attention by a French researcher called “x0rz” and demonstrated how change the location of a ships GPS and change the size of a ship to other navigation software. Whilst a ships GPS system being hacked may not directly affect you, it shows how hackers can attack your computer systems by abstract methods.

Remember to use encryption where appropriate to keep sensitive information safe and backups should be made regularly. Keep your data safe with our off site backup service and ensure your antivirus system is up to date with our managed services.

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