MFA (Multi-factor authentication) allows for extra layers of security meaning that even if an attacker learns your personal log in credentials, the system is safeguarded via trusted devices such as mobile phones that cannot be easily duplicated or biometrics such as fingerprints. This protects against some of the most common verbalities found online ranging from Password reuse and over simplification to business email breaches and out-dated protocols.

Studies have shown that implementation of MFA can prevent 99.9% of attacks and is becoming industry standard throughout workplaces at a staggering rate. Modern protocols have been pushing to make the authentication process passwordless since 2018 through technologies such as CTAP2 and WebAuthn which both have their own industry standard to ensure the system has been properly installed (FIDO2).

For more information regarding MFA, take a read of Bye Bye Passwords: New Ways to Authenticate or give us a call to discuss your user security further.

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