Following a spate of fraud attempts on its customers, beleaguered ISP TalkTalk has blocked the popular remote control software TeamViewer from its network.


The move follows in the wake of a catastrophic cyber-attack on TalkTalk’s servers in 2015 which caused the leakage almost 157,000 users details and £42m of damages. Crucially, the leaks included data of engineer’s visits to customers’ homes, allowing the scammers to tailor their attacks with precise and convincing information that would normally only be known to legitimate TalkTalk representatives. Once connected with TeamViewer, the scammer would then attempt to make credit card transfers using online banking, PayPal, or any other money transfer services for which the user might have saved their credentials for.


A spokeswoman from TalkTalk was evasive when pushed for comment, saying only that  “…we constantly monitor for potentially malicious internet traffic, so that we can protect our customers from phishing and scamming activities. As part of this work, we have recently blocked a number of sites and applications from our network, and we’re working hard to minimise the impact on our customers”. Customers on TalkTalk’s forums have been more vocal, many of whom have threatened to take their business elsewhere after pointing out the numerous legitimate uses of TeamViewer.


The developers themselves have yet to make a statement, but have previously condemned “the use of TeamViewer to subvert systems and gain unauthorised access to private data” and that it takes the security and privacy of its customers “extremely seriously”.

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