Fuji Xerox have created a new robotic printer that actually travels to the persons desk that sent the print job in a office or lounge environment. it uses sensors to navigate its way round and avoid any people or obstacles in the way. Analysts have criticized the printer saying there are easier and more cost effective methods already available for mobile printing, but in all honesty what’s wrong with just walking to the printer?

It has however been praised for its ingenuity, how it works is each desk in the Lounge/Office is given a unique web address from which to print. Users access the address and upload documents to be printed. Once the printer receives the job, it moves to the intended recipient who then has to display a smart card to activate printing. The battery in the printer lasts for up to a day.



For full details of this story go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28977840

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