This isn’t just a hobbyist’s ambition it has all been brought together by Intel and there quest to move away from individual drones to whole fleets of them. One person actively monitors the health and issues all of the commands to the group. Intel says they can scale this from 300 drones and has the capability to have fleets of 10,000!

Controlling the group is a suite of desktop software programs. The drones have a pre-programmed route but lack the ability to talk to each other and can’t predict collisions, this is purely done by the software, and this alters the routes and eliminate collisions.

The drones are very basic, Styrofoam casing, metal prop guards and can be built in less than 15 minutes. All push fit the drones are assembled in Germany and have a large multi-coloured LED on the bottom of the unit.

Intel have been working on this project for 2 years and the first outing was at Disney World and featured 500 drones. Intel’s argument is they expect in the future we will have a need for drones flying in fleets trying to accomplish a task, be it search and rescues or even scanning an area for lifeforms.

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