Think tank Reform reports that a lot of roles can be automated and businesses can “Employ technology to improve the efficiency and quality of front-line and strategic roles”. In the report it guesstimates that these changes could save the UK £4 billion per year.

“”Whitehall, the NHS and police can reduce headcount significantly,” the report says. It claims central government could reduce its headcount by 131,962, the NHS could lose 91,208 administrators, and in frontline healthcare 24,000 roles could be replaced.”

The report also states that by replacing humans that use online procedures to complete tasks with an automated system jobs can be reduced. In an example it says the HMRC could reduce its admin staff from 96,000 to 60,00 in the last 10 years if it had invested in online services.

Alot of Reform’s report is based from academic work from the University of Oxford, in September 2013 Carl Frey and Michael Osbourne studied 702 occupations and how automation might have an impact on their roles.

In another example Ocado is testing a robot hand that can pick and pack fruit and vegetables. Ocado has tested the RBO Hand 2 and is working on creating its own robot hand.

Alex Voica from Ocado’s technology arm said: “Ideally we will be able to develop one robot hand, or a small number of hands, that will be able to deal with a whole range of objects.”

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